the best game of fps

December 26, 2006 4:28am CST
what is the best fps pc game have you play?i think the other publisher of fps game should play the best game of fps first before they create the fps game.for me, F.E.A.R,Far Cry and COD2 is good fps game haved create.i am waiting for CRYSIS..i am sorry if there are broken english because i am studying of english.
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15 Apr 09
i really enjoyed Call Of Duty 4 modern warfare and i still dont think you can beat the online gameplay. I am also really excited as the new call of duty modern warfare 2 is coming out soon and im hoping that will be even better. if you buy this game though i do recomend you get online as the story can be rather short.
• Slovenia
28 Dec 07
quake and unreal tournament series wolfenstein: enemy territory these are the true fragger games