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December 26, 2006 6:39am CST
I've read a news about this once, and it is confusing. Two sisters are fighting over a man whom they love. The younger sister is already engage to be married with this man. However, the elder sister went to this man's house taking the opportunity because her sister is not there. The elder sister had a drink with this man. They both got drunk and they made out. The elder sister got pregnant and the man was confused and didn't know what to do. So the man and the elder sister announced to the family that they are going to get married because he got her pregnant. This shattered the younger sister and they fought. The man do not love the elder sister at all. It was all a big mistake and an accident. So, the man and the younger sister ran away and lived somewhere. They also have a child after that. Now then, when both of the child grows up, how do they call each other? Cousins or brothers? How do they all each of their mother? Auntie or Mom?
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• Sri Lanka
26 Dec 06
When I was in Saudi Arabia I noted that many Philipinos used to embrace Islam. I think the best remedy here is for all three of them to embrace Islam. This will solve the problem that the children, the sisters and the man will have to face in the future. In our country Sri Lanka there are many cases where people convert to Islam to deal with situations like this.
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• Romania
26 Dec 06
prety confusing story but very nice in the end they were happy