being alone at home

@swasti (1157)
December 26, 2006 7:35am CST
well how many of u really stay at home??? iknow house wives stay at do u really spend time at home most of the time??people like staying at home or is it that it ..u willl ike staying home only during weekends,,like it is nice to stay at home as a break and not as a regular habit. have u heard of people who dont leave homes jus because they hav some phobias like agoraphobia, social phobias ...where they dont liekto be in public places, in open spaces??? it is really a very different kind of problems that they face. i haev a friend of mine who has this kind of a problem and refuses to go out .
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• India
26 Dec 06
I am a kind of reserved person and hate going out.I am not phobic or anything like that,jus that I get to do a lot of things at home than out.I have no friends which really doesn't help matters.
• United States
26 Dec 06
yah some housewives really have to stay home specially when having little ones. for my situation now being a plain housewife is not a choice since we transfered from other country & my papers aren't complete yet to get a job. i used to a daily routine of home-work-home & weekend breaks with my husband then but now it's really a different feeling being home alone on day time since we don't have any kid yet plus the fact that we don't have friends around. after all the household chores i stay on the net to ease the boredom or make some handcrafts...