Has someone ever just cut you out of thier life?

United States
December 26, 2006 9:09am CST
I used to date someone a few years ago. I wasn't the best GF in the world to him and I ended up hurting him bad.. Since then he has totally cut me out of his life. I havent seen or talked to him in over a year. The other night I had a dream about him. In the dream I was trying to say I was sorry for all that I have done, and I wanted to show him how I have changed since yet he didn't listen to me; and didn't even care. I woke up that morning crying. :( He has cut me out of his life, I never had any closure on our relationship, i never was able to apologize. We broke up over 2 years ago, yet I still feel guilty and bad STILL!!! Why? WOuld it be due to the cut out of thier life or maybe just guilt eating at me inside?
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