hate a cat?plz dont....plz dont

@swasti (1157)
December 26, 2006 9:13am CST
people have different kinds of pets....and for people wanting to have pets,cats are not a bad option coz cats are one of the cutest domestic animals.. i love cats so much that i managed having three generations of a cat family at home..and at the same time...... the best thing about cats is their meow-meow according to me..it reminds me of small babies crying..and the funniest thing is we have a small baby at home..and most of the time the baby's and the cats' voice appears similar though not exactly similar.. and to look at the way they jump and still not get hurt is amazing.their whiskers add to their beauty.. they look awesome when they stretch their paws after a good nap.. and so let me know about your cute pets at home!
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