Tongchen Skin of Soya-Bean Milk

December 26, 2006 9:18am CST
Old Tongchen is a name of a restaurant, is well-known for its Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk, which is a traditional folk snack of Hubei. On festival, people often mix and grind green beans and rice to make into skin, wrap it with polished glutinous rice and meat as center, then fry it with oil,So a kind of festival food is finished. The cookers in Old Tongchen Restaurant process it with extra care on the basis of folk making technology,make it more tasteful. The special-class chef Gaojin'an, titled with "King of Skin of Soya-Bean Milk', originally create "Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk" with thin skin and colorful color, It is loose and delicate, greasy but not sick. with stuffing fresh and fragrant, is welcomed by guests Three Fresh Skin of Soya-Bean Milk is named because of fresh meat, fresh mushrooms, fresh bamboo Shoots in stuffing, which is often dotted with pig heart, pig stomach, Yulan Slice, fork- braised meat. Stuffing-making is very particular,
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