Wuchang Fish

December 26, 2006 9:24am CST
Wuchang Fish, known as "Tuantoufang',is a kind of Bian Flat Fish, originally produced in Liangzhi Lake of Ezhou City, has been transplanted and fed around China, With delicate meat and plenty of fat, it can be cooked into many kinds of courses by different ways Of which steam in clear soup has the best flavor. Usually, a fish of 1 kilogram or so is chosen for steam in clear soup, seasoned by ham sausage, winter mushroom, winter bamboo shoots and chicken soup, etc. After being steamed,colorful sprout silks such as red, yellow and green, are embellished on fish, It looks as if fish is colorful. If taste it, you will feel delicate, delicious, fresh and fragrant. Wuchangjulou Restaurant is famous for being good at cooking Wuchang Fish and very particular about color,scent, flavor,shape and holders of dishes. If you have chance to travel in Hubei, you will surely enjoy Hubei food.
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