Beginning of Sin

December 26, 2006 4:39pm CST
GENESIS CHAPTER THREE THE BEGINNING OF SIN 1And the snake was the wisest of all of the beasts on the earth, which the Lord God made; and the snake said to the woman: “What is it that God said: ‘You shall not at all eat from any tree in the paradise?’” 2And the woman said to the snake: “We may eat from the fruit of the tree of the paradise, 3but from the fruit of the tree, which is in the middle of the paradise, God said: ‘You shall not eat from it nor shall you touch it, in order that you shall not die.”’ 4And the snake said to the woman: “You will not die with death; 5for God knows that in which ever day you eat from it, the eyes of you will be opened, and you will be as Gods knowing good and evil.” 6And the woman saw that the tree is good into food and that it is pleasing to the eyes to see and it is beautiful to perceive, and having taken of the fruit of it she ate; and she gave also to the man of her with her, and they ate. 7And the eyes of the two were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed leaves of fig tree and made for themselves girdles. (Genesis 3:1-7)
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@luzamper (1358)
• Philippines
27 Dec 06
A very good information. Verses are quoted from the Bible itself. Thanks a lot.
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10 Feb 07
I should like to take the opportunity here to extend my appreciation to all those who responded or gave comments to responses and as a gesture of gratitude, I have rated you all with the positive rating. I will also rate positively all others that will still be responding or giving comments to responses. May God bless you all.
• Philippines
3 Feb 07
It is really best to quote pertinent Bible verses so that we can study very well and so that we would not depend upon what we hear from mouth to mouth. There are really so many questions that arise from the very beginning but perhaps is we study deeper, confusions and misunderstanding will be cleared up. We need in-depth study and open heart to understand the Holy Bible.
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• Philippines
7 Feb 07
I appreciate that the pertinent Bible verses are quoted for further study and general information. We can use this as reference for some doubtful interpretations emanating from the various versions of the Holy Bible.
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@whacks (774)
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
Good. The full text of the Holy Bible on how sin started is quoted. Anybody may use this as reference in the study of the Holy Bible particularly on what really happened when Adam and Eve sinned because there are many misconceptions about such thing that happened.
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• Pakistan
21 Jan 07
Our parents Adam and EveHawa made a mistake, they repented before our GodAllahYHWH , and He very kindly accepted their repentence and forgave them. He covered their nakedness, and provided them with something to wear as a sign of His appreciation. The mistake was forgiven ,so to me, it was not hereditory. Others could believe as they think. My faith is reason oriented. I am an Ahmadi, a peaceful faith in Islam
@kokopelli (4842)
• United States
20 Jan 07
there are a lot to ponder in the genesis chapter. like, where did the snake come from? was he really a snake or just a representation of lucifer as some religions say? has he been there in that garden even before the creation of man? one of the noticeable things is the way adam behaved after he ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, it is exactly the same how husbands behave now when they make a mistake - they blame the wife, lol :)