I have a new boyfriend

December 26, 2006 11:08pm CST
So I went to my friend Naomi's place again to hang out and her brother Mark was there and so he was hanging out and talking to us and I was flirting with him and I was pretty sure that he likes me. And then we were outside on the balcony smoking and Naomi went inside to use the bathroom and so we started necking and so now I know he likes me and he told me I should come up to the town were he gos to collge and visit him and I said I wood. Im pretty sure Naomi isnt going to like it if she finds out so I didnt tell her. And now im going to break up with my bf next time I see him. I think mark is way cuter and hes older and he seems nicer and I bet he wont just want me to sit around and watch him while he plays video games.
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• United States
29 Dec 06
I think you must be younger than your profile says you are and what happened to you being pregnant. What is this guy gonna say about that? You need to cool your hot pants off a while if you ask me.
• United States
2 Jan 07
yea right? what happened i'm guessing you are not pregnant, and in the last discussion i read about you, you wrote you didn't want to lose you boyfriend, wow i guess you got over him quick.
• Canada
3 Jan 07
Im not pregnate I took the test and it said so and my period started on Ch4istmas so I know Im not nad I dont know why you want to be mean to me I dont even know you.
• United States
3 Jan 07
Sure, we don't know you. Yet, you keep posting personal information and asking our opinion. You put it up, we are going to respond. If you can't handle the negative responses -- SHUT UP. It is really easy to do. Don't touch the keyboard and amazingly enough, your personal life will not appear on the internet. As for this situation. You need to stay away from boys for awhile. You have demonstrated you are not mature enough to have a boyfriend yet.