can u imagine the size of other planets

earth is small - earth is small compared to other planets unknown
@erdsethu (165)
December 27, 2006 1:08am CST
it is under studies that there are some other planets as like earth in some other galexies with living things in it
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@ESKARENA1 (18297)
27 Dec 06
why shouldnt there be other planets with life on them, and anyway what do we mean by life, a living thing can be so many different sizes that we might not see some of these things and they may still be living things, and anyway does the planet have to be just like earth to have life forms on it or does it even have to be a planet why not a moon. Look at Jupters moon Europa, this is said to have an icey crust with a liquid layer underneath, and it is in this underneath layer that there is supposed to be life of some kind, maybe micro organisams but its still life. This research is being carried out by NASA who have found, in our own antarctic region a lake of liquid water covred by sheet ice and it is in this lake where life forms have been found which might provide answers to what is on europa. So to say that there are no other planets or galexies with living things is too simplistic.