dating story

@samiira (215)
December 27, 2006 3:04am CST
ight ya'll know we just had the three word story but it's time to switch it up .]we are going to start the 'dating story' this is how it works we will do 1 sentence per-person kinda like the three word thing but were doing 1 sentence. i will start the story with a guy named david and a girl named sarah.ight lets see what kinda of falava you bring to the story remeber ya'll can switch it up it's up to you take it to an end. wither david ends up with sarah or cheats on her or what ever ya'll want to make can bring in diffrent people and palces at any time .jist make sure the story makes sence and into par with what the last person left off. let's get the party started.......... ONE DAY WHILE AT THE PARK DAVID DECIDED TO HOLLA AT THIS HONEY NAMED SARAH,SO HE CALLED HER UP
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