December 27, 2006 5:44am CST
is mobile phone a luxury thing need opinion
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• United States
27 Dec 06
I don't think it is a luxury or a neccesity. I know people that don't have one and do just fine. We got my mother in law one last year for Christmas becuase she travels and we wanted her to be able to call if she should need help. I have a mobile phone and don't call to chat on it, but use it for the same reason. But some people use it as thier primary phone and don't have a land line. But again, what did we all do before there were mobile phones?
@raj0019 (2623)
• Argentina
27 Dec 06
no, mobile is not a luxury item anymore.It has become a need of every person now a days
• Singapore
27 Dec 06 will be very common in the future...unless the electricity gets very expensive.