How muck did you pay for a pizza in your country.

Pizza - I love PIZZA!!
@yonu15 (807)
December 27, 2006 1:44pm CST
I pay 4-5$(I`m from Romania).:)
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@andreib14 (407)
• Romania
6 Jul 07
5$ or 6$...But the pizza is very very good...
@FraYFaN09 (1560)
• United States
27 Dec 06
It really depends on where u get the pizza. We usually buy Pizza from Marcos or East of Chicago and we usually pay around $20 for a couple pizzas and maybe some bread sticks. There is another place we don't go to because u have to pick up the pizza but u pay only $5 a pizza. If there was a plce like that closer to where I live then I bet we'd go out and get that pizza instead.
• United States
27 Dec 06
I've paid as little as $5 from one place and as much as $17 at another. It really depends on where you go to get it, what you have on it, and the size of the pizza. You can get a frozen pizza between $0.96 - $5.98 here in America.
@cyfernet (2384)
• United States
27 Dec 06
i pay about $2 dollars for a pizza from pizza hut. i'am from india
@Opteron (1844)
• Italy
27 Dec 06
ohhh I love pizza! I am from Italy and for a pizza margherita I pay from 3€ to 5€uro. If I want a 4 season I pay from 5 to 8. If there is some fish on the pizza, you could pay it more..up to 10€ I think. Anyway I always take a 4 season...or a margherita, or a mushrooms pizza, in mean I pay 5€ for it
@kenoro (327)
• Netherlands
27 Dec 06
Interesting. I think the price depends for what pizza you take and where you get your pizza from, thus it depends. For a basic pizza it is around 7 Euros and if you want something better and nicer then you'll end up paying 15 Euro per pizza.
@Syphon (286)
• Germany
27 Dec 06
I pay for a pizza 3,50 € ( Germany ) Don't know how much $ it is........:S
@srhelmer (7033)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
27 Dec 06
A frozen pizza usually runs $3-6 here (Wisconsin). If you go to a restaurant, about $15.