My friends house is full of cat hair and she wants me over for dinner!!! help!?

United States
December 27, 2006 4:02pm CST
I have a friend who has three cats and she lets the cats jump all over her kitchen counters, dining table, etc. Whenever i go to her house, there is cat hair all over her carpet, and I dont mean just a little bit of cat hair, but like you can see the cat fur balls all over her carpet. She has invited me and my husband to Christmas dinner and judging from a past experience, she just doesnt seem to know how dirty her house is. Last time we went to eat dinner at her house, the placemats that our dinnerplates sat on were full of cat hair too. My husband was horrified and barely touched his food. I feel so bad having to say no to their thoughtful invitation but I just cant seem to be able to eat at her house. How do I handle this situation? I know that she will continue to ask me to come over and eat and I just cant seem to get past the cat hair issue. Help!
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@kavita23 (2995)
• India
27 Dec 06
When she invites you over, tell her you have a prior engagement/commitment/whatever... that can't be changed
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• United States
4 Jan 07
Thank you. we were able to weasel out of the invitation but im just afraid of next time she invites me again. Thanks for your comment
@edigital (2709)
• United States
4 Jan 07
You can put this matter with your friend saying that you fear to see cat's hair at kitchen and dinner table and would not able to eat with ease if you see cat's fur around her house. I think she will not mind rather will take care of about it. Are you sure that your friend do not eat cat's hair with their food!
@nuffsed (1273)
4 Jan 07
She's your friend right? What's wrong with a little honesty? Can't you just get the tone of voice right and come right out with it? Hey Hon, don't get me wrong but I just can't eat with all the cat hair everywhere.....How about we get together and have a clean up session? Don't dodge it, it doesn't seem like it's going to go away :)
@canadabis1 (1955)
• Canada
6 Jan 07 theres a rough situation...your probably a lil less forward than I am...and my friends know if I was to tell them I dont want hairballs for dinner...they would know what I mean...I dont let my cat on the counter or table...its not sanitary...I dont know what to say...cause I dont know how your friend would take it coming from me in my way of gettin a point across...u may have to bite the bullet and tell her why eventually...before she thinks its her that you dont wanna b around..and not the cat hair.