For all you Oldies out there. What do you miss!!!!!!

December 27, 2006 7:11pm CST
Times have changed since we were kids. What are the things you reminisce about that have now gone????
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@gifana (4834)
• Portugal
28 Dec 06
Where do I begin (as the song goes)? Outdoor plumbing, no electricity (hurricane lamps), radio (Lux Radio Theater, Baby Snooks, Henry Aldrich, The Great Gildersleeve, The Life of Riley, Inner Sanctum, The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Sky King, Sgt. Preston and Yukon King, The Lone Ranger etc. etc). The movies of the 40's and 50's (fade out and fade in) bedroom scenes. Penny candy, nickel candy bars, double scoop ice cream cones for a dime. Saturday movies for 25 cents (two feature cowboy movies, a serial, singing to the bouncing ball, popcorn, candy bar and busfare all included). Listening to my grandmother read the letters from her three sons serving in Europe, Burma and the South Pacific during WWII. Dad filling his gas tank for $2. Blackouts during WWII. Food rationing. Absolute patriotism. Rosie the riveter. Guy Lombardo on New Years Eve live from New York City, Kay Keyser, Benny Goodman, Billy Goodman, Harry James, great hillbilly music (as opposed to what they now call country and western). Working during the summer picking beans, gutting fish, picking strawberries, waitress in a diner. I don't know how far you go back but I think you can get some idea how far I go back. What wonderful days those were as children we were subjected (fortunately) to create our own form of entertainment. There was nothing that even came close to TV or computers. We played kick the can in the neighborhood. Tobaganning down the hill on the street where I lived. Ice skating on the baseball field that had been flooded for skating. Guess I've gone on long enuff. Thanks for letting me go back in time and filling my eyes with tears of joy.
28 Dec 06
That was wonderful. Life is so short and what we reminisce about seems like yesterday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, its was very moving. We need to look back and realise how lucky we were. I am so glad I lived in the 1970's, 80's, as a child/adolescent, being brought up by parents who were born in an era that did not put so much emphasis on what my kids have to live up to. Cheers!!!
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
28 Dec 06
I think I miss the innocense of a lot of things, how kids play and the little things that used to mean so much years ago.
28 Dec 06
Thanks for your response. I agree with you. Having children of my own I feel they are undeservably exposed to too much nowadays. In London, the knife culture among the youth is frightening. There seems to be no respect for life any more. But at the same time, my generation of parents seem to care less for their children. With freedom to choose our lifesyles has also come neglect!