Wear spectacles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@nature (270)
December 27, 2006 9:29pm CST
How many of u wear specs.I wear it with negative power.what abot u????????????
4 responses
3 Jan 07
I am susposed to wear glasses but i dont, i really do believe that by wearing glasses it actually makes my eye sight that little bit worse, so i have stopped wearing them, i have less headaches too
@monu123 (297)
• India
29 Dec 06
yes i wear specs wth positive power
@shilpa28k (1738)
• India
28 Dec 06
No i don't wear specs, but I wear lens. because i don't like specs to wear.
@armywifey (883)
• United States
28 Dec 06
I am supposed to wear glasses since i was 12. I never wore them even to school and when I started high school I got contacts and have been wearing them since. I can't stand the way I look in glasses or the way the feel on my nose.