New Year

@shilpa28k (1737)
December 28, 2006 3:43am CST
Why is new year celebrated? i need specific answer.In India,different people celebrate in different days and different months.Example:malus celebrate in april,tamils also in april,kanadigas in jan etc,.Then why all should celebrate on first jan.which country started this celebration The Romans as well as the Persians celebrated the New Year in Spring. The Roman year began in March. Their October, November and December were the eighth, ninth and tenth months of the year, as the names indicate. The Romans began their new year in March, named for Mars. If the harvests were bad or the rodents voracious, one tended to run out of grain in March. By then most of the snow had melted, and after a prayer to Mars, they would march off and steal the grain of some more fortunate tribe. The Roman Catholic Church was not fond of such customs and quite unfond of Mars as well: there was that incident with those gambling Roman soldiers, after all. And so it came to pass that the Roman Catholic Church that decided to begin the New Year right after Christmas, for symbolic reasons. The gloom of December followed by the hope inspired by the Birth of the Savior, yada yada yada. No more warlike Mars: we would thenceforth begin the year with the peace of Jesus.
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@blanksolid (1632)
• Spain
18 Jan 07
The new year is celebrated because its an special event in ours calendars, we join in a new year so its important to remember it making a celebrate before, have a nice day on mylot and happy earnings also.