have you ever been obsessd with someone? be careful on what you wish for!

obsessed - obsession is when you cant forget a certain person for the longest time. its when you cant move on and loving the person s much. i myt be still inlove wth him ryt now but im sure ill be ok soon!
@123456_ (1052)
December 28, 2006 4:17am CST
when i was younger i used to pray to God asking him to give me a goodlooking boyfriend. i want this first thingy to be perfect. i remember saying to Him 'Lord it does not matter if we'll last forever i just want it to be perfect'. Crazy as it may seem on my freshmen year in college i met the 'goodlooking guy' that i was asking for. our first year seems to be perfect but when the relationship is approachin on its second year, a lot of difficulties and misunderstanding happened. I have never forgotten him since then. I'v been into diffrent relationships. but i still found myself goin back to him.loving his ups as wel as his down sides. now im tryn to forget him but it seems pretty hard. I was as insecure as before but i know i would be ok minus him.
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• Singapore
28 Dec 06
well, i always believe that God doesnt really answer all our prayers unless He think that its time. but dont be dejected to be faithful in prayer....we learn how to be stronger with the fall and will learn how to handle the coming relationship...
@123456_ (1052)
• Philippines
28 Dec 06
oh thank you. i know that. i wasnt blaming Him for giving the person once and getting him out from me.