shrek synopsis

December 28, 2006 6:02am CST
shrek lives a quiet and lonely life in his small swamp, until his peace is disturbed by the arrival of a host of "fairytale creatures", who were exiled from the nearby dominion of Duloc by its ruler, the vain Lord Farquaad. One creature who escaped Farquaad's purge is the extremely-talkative donkey; he and shrek travel together to Duloc in an attempt to rid shrek's swamp of the intruders. after defeating many of Duloc's knights in a tournament, shrek accepts a bargain wherein Farquaad agrees to remove the creatures if shrek rescues and brings to him Princess Fiona, a princess who is imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon, awaiting the knight who will rescue her. only if Farquaad is able to marry a princess may he assume the title of king. after many adventures in which shrek is consistently irritated by the friendly but overly talkative donkey, shrek and donkey manage to reach the dragon's castle. after donkey runs out on a bridge and dragon whips her tail out and knocks out most of the bridge, donkey is comered by dragon. in an attempt to prevent himself from being eaten, donkey sweet-talks dragon, causing her to fall in love with him. she stares lovingly atbhim and puffs a heart-shaped ring of smoke at him and purrs contently. after listening to him say the relationship will not work between them, she carries him by tail in her teeth and walks away, swinging him left to right and curving her tail back and forth behind her. meanwhile, shrek rescues fiona from dragon's keep. she complains that he's not doing it right, saying that he should charge in on a horse with a sword and banner, like a proper knight-like all the other knights who have attempted to rescue her did.
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