Mission Emission

A drawing depicting the effects of emission. - Its a pencil drawing done exclusively for this discussion
December 28, 2006 9:24am CST
NASA scientist James Hansen and his colleagues confirmed that owing to an alarming increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere warmed the earth by 0.6 degree Celsius over the past three decades. This means, a further rise in temperatures by one degree Celsius makes the planet earth the warmest ever in a million years. It is a situation that calls for a serious thinking. The heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 280ppm in the beginning days of industrial revolution. Now it stands at380ppm.So, what is the harm if earth becomes warm? You may ask Biodiversity and agriculture receive a big blow.Animals,insects are necessary for recycling the wastes. They already started making an exodus towards the poles in a measurable rate in the second half of 20th century. No organism will stick to its habitat if the conditions are not congenial for its growth. Man in a mad rush to satiate materialistic thirst started profligate use of carbon based energy sources such as fossil fuels to power homes, offices, cars and aircraft. Development is welcome. But it should be on give and take basis. Give back whatever is taken from the nature. If deforestation is necessary to build a factory, afforestation is also necessary to maintain the eco balance. An injured environment wrecks vengeance on humanity with storms, untimely rains, floods with an unprecedented fury. Development and ecology can live in harmony as long as the Greenhouse gases are kept in control. People and policy makers should think in terms of alternative energy sources and a forestation to keep alive the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. G8 summit already expressed its concern over the deteriorating eco system. A climate agenda was launched that lays stress on the developing and developed countries to take lead in curbing the "Carbon carnageā€. Alternative energy resources are to be invented, encouraged and developed on a war footing.Afforestation should become a part in peoples' lives. Kyoto flounders should not be repeated. What for is that Development that gets swept with a single stroke of a Tsunami or a Katrina?Let our children inherit a green globe not a groaning globe from us. Let our mission be "Mission Emission"
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