Have you found a job on Secondlife?

December 28, 2006 10:51am CST
I am a member of Secondlife, and I think it's a very interesting game. But I can't find a job. And you? Have you a job on it?
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@blueyesco (156)
• United States
28 Jun 07
The only job I have in secondlife is camping. Short term up to 3/10 and long term (over nite etc) 2/10 Not great but it adds up over time. Good luck and most of all have fun.
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@mypigbox (2245)
• China
17 Jul 07
Free camping is a way to get money there.but it is not a good way to make more money.
@MrMevo (11)
16 Jan 07
Hi, I don't have a job in secondlife, I just build stuff and sell it on. You could buy and sell land. Have you tried camping chairs?
• Italy
16 Jan 07
I tried camping. I earned some money dancing in a disco. Unfortunately I can't build anything. I would to learn.
22 Jan 08
camping sucks...it's so slow...it takes so long, and usually only people with two accounts camp. I haven't done anything to make money there, I just bought a couple thousand dollars and, after 2 years I still haven't spent it all.
@mypigbox (2245)
• China
27 Jun 07
No yet.I have danced and sited chair for little money there.as i know we can design cloth or make some product for sale there.
• United States
20 May 07
Yup. I've got several jobs on SecondLife. My primary job however is the store I just opened called Wild Irish Rose. Other things I do to earn money other than my jobs are camping chairs when I'm not at the computer and invest in stocks in the World Stock Market.
@raytrix (14)
• Canada
18 May 07
Ya when i first started i used to collect money from trees, then when i had enough i gambled my money in an easy game called slingo, then eventually i gotta job hosting events and made some descent money! Theres tons of jobs in second life just look in the search section and look under classified and type in jobs!!!!!!!!