Marrying Outside My Country

United States
December 28, 2006 11:11am CST
Hello everyone, This is my first post here. Let me tell you a little of my story then I'd love to get tips, opinions and such. I am from the US and my fiance is from Scotland. He is disabled and I make just enough money to make ends meet so the proof of support is a difficult one for both or us. I am also a single mother with no father listed for my son. To be completely honest I'm not 100% sure of who his father is or how to find him. Add to that the fact I really don't want the father around anyway and this starts to become a little nightmare. I've been told that getting a visa for my son to go with me to Scotland will be difficult because I need his fathers permission to do so. I find that strange when the birth certificate shows no father and I'm legally his only custodian. I can't afford a large attorney bill to get this all straightened out but I'd really like my son to be able to live in Scotland with me, eventually. Our simple solution for now is to have my fiance come here, get married and have him stay here for the 3 year minimum for him to get the US citizenship then try to move back to Scotland together. I worry too that he is disabled and won't be able to get benefits in either country if we do that. Anyway, that's the nut shell of my situation. If you know anything I don't, have been through something similar or can provide any tips I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you, CWE
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@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
29 Dec 06
I too find it strange that it would be hard for you to get your son a visa since you are his only legal guardian, and also there is no father on the paper, maybe you can consult some "pro-bono" lawer for advice just. When it comes to benefits I am not in the us so IdonĀ“t jknow how that works, but here in my country he would recive benefits even though he is not born here and I can not imagine the states beeing any different... But if u had to choose - would it be Us or scotland?
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• United States
29 Dec 06
Thank you Marie. I appreciate your input. I was under the impression based on all the support proof and stuff required to get the visas that my country and his would be rather tough on the benefits thing. We'll definitely have to check that out. As far as which country to choose, well I like Scotland and he likes America, it's a grass is greener sort of thing. We'd both prefer to have dual citizenship and have the option to live anywhere.