What is in your nightmare?

United States
December 28, 2006 12:33pm CST
When I have nightmares, it's always dark (fear of the dark?) and I'm lost in a big building. I have nightmares in the same places. It's the same big house or the same school or the same mall or the same warehouse from another nightmare. Usually I'm running from someone. But I don't see their faces. Their movement and their ferocity when coming at me makes me run. My feet always feel heavy and I'm always trying to find another room or door to escape to. When I'm alone in my nightmare I run for my own life but when there are other people I try to take them with me for their safety. When I am forced to face the "monster" I fight them but they always come back to life, even after I stab them in the heart. In one dream I saw the monster's face and it was me. I stabbed her then opened her chest and put her heart in a box to make sure she couldn't come back to life. But while I was running with the box, her body came back to life. Then I gave up, faced her, and waited for her to come get me in the darkness.
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