what is your thoughts on hamsters?

@merlin22 (1111)
United States
December 28, 2006 4:58pm CST
my daughter gave me one for christmas i named her sugar,shes alot of fun to watch.
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• Singapore
16 Oct 08
Hamsters are cute! I have a hamster named Sniffy. He's a male hamster with a really huge and pinkish nose! I love it when he looks at me with that look : " Please take me out to play! " Then he would move his nose up and down. His whiskers twitch all the time! It's like he would sniff everything he sees. Maybe he has taken up sniffing as a hobby. Or perhaps joined a Paid-to-Sniff website. Either way, it's simply adorable! Happy mylotting and good day / night to you!
@beckyomg1 (6758)
• United States
2 Jan 07
i use to have hamsters for many years, i even had to bring one back to life twice because it froze because it was near a window and it was a bit too close.
@paule4129 (968)
• United States
29 Dec 06
noisy little chewers that dont know when to get off the wheel hahahahaha!
@samsonskola (3357)
• United States
28 Dec 06
i love hamsters! they can be so much fun and you can just sit and watch them for hours!...and the cat can watch him for hours, too...lol...they can be really good pets, i'm sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of her
@angelicEmu (1311)
28 Dec 06
They're very cute and easy to look after. When I was 5, I got to look after our class hamsters for the big summer holidays, which was fun! From what I've heard though, you'll want to keep them well away from Richard Gere, should he ever be in your area :-)