Are people really happy with their personal and professional life

December 29, 2006 12:07am CST
The present world in money world,where people think of high, luxurious, comfortable life. A drastic change occurred in the education system where individuals peruse studies not for knowledge and their personal interest, but to secure a high professional job. They struggle hard while their studies loosing their never return unforgettable childhood days and even after joining in profession still suffer with the tensions, work load, working for longer hours and late nights, without rest. Though they feel that they are happy with the income and job, but they never try to dig their conscious, which reveal everything what they lost -friends, family relations, to certain extent moral values. Is it worth to be to continue like this?
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@froogle (776)
29 Dec 06
i am very much keen on balancing my personal n professional life inspite of me being a bachelor. too much of either makes ur life uninterestin and boring.