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@umerasif (532)
December 29, 2006 3:10am CST
Would you prefer to live in a large house with multiple sitting areas and bed rooms or a small nifty little place which meets your needs. Assume that money is not an issue with you and you can buy or go for what ever you want. What would you prefer. Please describe the reason for your answer as well. As far as I am concerned I would like to live in a small place with 3 bed rooms, one for me, one for the guests and one for my daughter. One sitting room or lounge with a large screen, one dining room, one small store room, one kitchen and one laundry with a fairly nice sized lawn or garden to have my evening tea. Most of the people in my country Pakistan, who can afford it make 6 bed rooms in the house with multiple sitting areas etc.
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
17 Jul 07
800 square foot house - This is a picture of my new house. It has 800 square feet of living space over 2 floors, just enough pace for 2 people, a dog, and a cat.
Wow even what you describe sounds like a pretty big house. We just bought a house (money was an issue but anyhow) that is just big enough to meet our needs. It has a small open concept kitchen and living room, a tiny bathroom just big enough for the sink, tub, and toilet, a small porch that is also the laundry room, and two bedrooms in the basement. Total over the main floor and in the basement the house has 800 sqaure fet of living space inside. Outside however we have a big front and back year and the back yard is backed by woods. I was nervous about hte size for a while but then I realized that it makes very little sense for us to have much more space than that because we would not make much use of any more space than that, and haveing rooms that you don't use just increases your heating costs in the winter.