The games that are in for 2007

December 29, 2006 3:15am CST
The games that are in this coming year Hmmmmm...... Maybe the one of them is the game DOTA. Many people are getting crazy of this game. Like counter strike it hits on every people that wanted to compete to each other. In the Phillipines every computer cafe the people are over flowing by DOTA gamers. Hmmm.. Another one is the the on-line games. It's a one package game you can inter-act by having a chat and play at the same time. Ragnarok on-line is one of the games that are started this way of game transaction. I tell you they are prepared to drain their wallet only to level-up and beacame strong of them all. Another game let see Hmmm... Hey what you know the playation 2 games are also in to everyone. One of my favorite is the Metal gear 3 the Snake Eater. What you could say about this game well let me tell you. This game is really gives you the real thing in a espionage games in the forest. Hmm.. that is only one of the best hits if you want to get inform for new just wait for any of my reviews ok. This is Edward singning off an telling you wait for other review.
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