i have a friend, of whom i am very possessive about.......

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@mimpi1911 (25473)
December 29, 2006 3:54am CST
but i have this constant feeling of getting betrayed, i don't find him trustworthy and honest. but actually he is honest and nice, only thing being he does things so sneakily that he makes me feel that he is hiding something. he keeps telling me that he is being very honest but i feel vulnerable. i know the problem lies with me, but cannot set my mind right. this is draining me out...
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• Singapore
29 Dec 06
it's very tired to be with someone and kept on being suspicious, my friend. im sure that when you mentioned 'have this constant feeling of getting betrayed' it means that you have not been betray by him before, so why worry so much? just appreciate the friendship between both of you and everyone have their own funny way at times...maybe your friend weird way is to 'act' sneaky LOL relax, my friend!
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@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
30 Dec 06
yes, i agree. he loves me a lot but he doesn't know when to share things. like, he was supposed to travel for 1 month and he told me just a day before and when i asked he said he forgot. it that believable !! i am sick and tired but can't let go of him. he is a darling.