Women's rites against Men's rites.

December 29, 2006 4:11am CST
Aren't we past this whole women get nothing and men get it all stuff, I mean the TV does nothing but promote how bad women are treated compared to men. In western societies these days it seems to have gone the other way. Men are treated worse. If you need to go see a dentist or doctor they will always see a woman over a man. In a war it's the men that get sent off to be killed first. Help lines are made only for kids and women. Refuges are mostly for women. A man can't get help at all with housing if they are stranded where as a woman will get help straight away. I think women are the only ones listened to with problems nowa days. Men aren't eard anymore like what they have to say doesn't matter. Men aren't even aloud to make the decisions on how a man thinks. It is all a womans opinion, as well as it is a woman who makes the decision on how a woman can munipulate a man to think differently for their own benefit. I want to see more men complaining legitamately about how badly women act towards men.
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