Self Help Group : A powerful tool for empowerment of women

December 29, 2006 5:25am CST
Self Help Group today is recognized as an important activity in economic empowerment. Economic empowerment is a key to social and political empowerment of the poor, particularly the poorest and the women. Since 1995 many service agencies, grass root level organizations are showing keen interest in the formation of self help groups as they are found to be the most important tools in the process towards economic sustainability of the poor. More particularly, Self Help Groups try to raise the income of women by improving saving and credit systems, promoting employment and eliminating indebtedness. In SHG high priority is given to women, wherein they are encourged to participate in decision making and to take up responsibilities. The amphasis on the local communities participation especially that of the poorer segments of the village population is the most important and strategic road to equality in development. One of the most positive contributions of the SHGs is their remarkable success is slowly and steadily transforming people's traditional values and developing new values of thrift, self-reliance, participation, leadership and women's participatin.
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