The Love Tank Theory - are you loved the way you want to be loved?

@sassyces (1604)
December 29, 2006 5:56am CST
Is your love tank running LOW? If it is, that means you're not happy in your current relationship and your bf/gf or husband/wife needs to start showing you some love or a break-up is just nearby. One of the best love theories is the theory of the love tank. We all have a personal love tank that is filled when things, words, deeds that our significant other (gf/bf or husband/wife) do, say or give to us that makes us feel loved. Like receiving red flowers and chocolates. Or a day-off at work coz you're sick so he/she can take care of you. We all have unique love tanks specific to our requirements and when its full we're at our happiest. So basically what i'm saying here is that we have certain requirements before we like somebody, don't we? And when already in the relationship we have existing requirements to feel loved or to love. And so when we meet someone who's very sweet and gentleman we girls get goose bumps right away, it's actually our love tank recognizing everything coz it's being filled. The small things that our SO does for us that fulfills our love tank requirement, fills it and makes us happy. It also explains common misunderstandings between a couple. Like couples who constantly fight over time and attention one of them require time and attention to fill her/his love tank. And if this goes on, his/her love tank is gonna run low, and in the end you both will just part ways. Love tank running low or even negative can cause us to fall out of love also. Like everytime he does things that you hate and don't like, your love tank reservoir drains. And's recognition of each other's love tank and if after recognizing it, can you fill it so you'd be happy. Compatibility is important too, although not a must, but when you're compatible with your partner its a bit easier for you have the same love tank so you know how can you fill it up. But if you love that someone, i guess lack of compatinility is something you are willing to work hard on. So basically is recognizing our partner's love tank essential to making the relationship work? Yes cozeveryday we bring our love tank wherever we go. And so... you guys might want to list what is and what should be in your love tank. Is your love tank full?
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@utsadetti (4589)
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31 Dec 06
yeah, i love the way i want to be loved lol. just the way it is.