how many of you play age of mythology ?

December 29, 2006 7:10am CST
which player do you take and why ? i always take ZEUS. i love it power of healing temples. its tremendously effective.
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@oly2006 (948)
• Romania
10 Jan 07
I played long ago a lot of Age of i forgotten a lot of things :( i liked the titans patch
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@kingatul (849)
• India
10 Jan 07
Once you start playing again you'll remember them
• Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 07
I also played it from a long time age, but I enjoyed it, and I was playing with Egyptian.
• India
21 Feb 07
hi i say Set is the best ho jaaye ek 1 on 1
• India
4 Jan 10
Lol mate, Not everyone can speak hindi you know.. So.. Well anyone curious for the above post - hi i say Set is the best ho jaaye ek 1 on 1 hi i say Set is the best wanna one on one By the way, what d'you mean by 'Set' ~Pie Lover
• Nepal
24 Jan 11
Here 'set' means a Major god
• India
18 Jan 07
I love age of mythology, but I can't pay because my computer has got some virus, i love greece and so always take Zeus. I also have some CD problem.
@Iqram538 (194)
• Sri Lanka
20 Jan 07
But listen to this if you take poseisdon you get cool units like hydra and skylla,both units are great and incxrease their attack power with the number of enemies they kill.
• United States
30 Jan 07
hi..well i take zeus always, coz i think i get the best choices for age advances, like wit hermes, u can get the upgrade tht pegasi r u can scout for free :) in the 3rd age, u will get the scyllas if its a water map, else take apollo for healing temples....also if u take dionysius, u get scyllas, but if u send an army of myrmidon to the opponent, u can use the bronze power to cause massive destruction :) & lastly, u get the plenty vault !!! so throughout the l8r stages of the game, u can simply create armies while ur egyptian opponents will choke on gold & norse on wood :P
• New Zealand
8 May 10
I use Zeus Always He has very good units and God powers
@xanxeeb (20)
• Nepal
24 Jan 11
Hi youngbossin, I am also the fan of age of mythology.I used to play multi player with my brother. While playing titan expansion i used to select Gaia as my major god. And fro non titan i select Isis as my major god because its war elephants are rather powerful against walls and buildings and it doesn't cost to create house,market and armory.
@Neamtzu89 (122)
• Romania
10 Jan 07
I played age of empires long ago but i was dissapointed about the graphic,i like more cossacks
@Catasord (61)
• India
11 Jan 07
well,i may most likely be to pick zeus frm the greek gods and isis frm the egyptian ones.