Which is better--C# or VB.Net

@masbaaz (395)
September 27, 2006 11:07am CST
folks, you must have done programming in .Net. Now tell which is the best language to work with ...VB.Net or C-sharp.Net? I personnally like C-Sharp
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@kitakitts (188)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
c# seems more complicated more specially from a visual basic programmers point of view but i love the options and flexibility it offers to its users :)
• India
8 Jan 07
Both are best in their own respect. C#.Net is strictly type safe and most of their features are available for loop tunings and optimizations that are not available in VB.net. So, running of C#.net code is faster as compare to VB.net. But VB.net is good for programmer point of view, lots of intellisense help, lots of basic VB functions still available like (format, formatnumber etc, mid, trim, left, right, val etc) which are not available in C#.net. No need to take care of conversions, there is an implicit conversion features in VB.net. Most important feature in VB.net is that we can define paramerterized properties to a class which is lacking in C#.net. Even we can set default parameters to the functions, that feature is also not available in C#.net.
@macubx (11417)
• Philippines
26 Oct 06
.net is complicated, ill go with .NET
@dundern (247)
• Finland
25 Oct 06
in this battle c VB is going out
@HemaSrini (435)
• India
23 Oct 06
To be frank with you I am not a programmer. But I can still judge and tell you based on my knowledge C# is an extension of C++ or Java so it is also a system procedural language which takes lot of time and dedication to be learnt. While VB.Net is GUI language hence it can be learnt more easier and also .Net is very hot in the market. So I feel VB.Net is better.