Community Service: When was the last time you gave a helping hand?

United States
December 29, 2006 9:27am CST
Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/Big Sister, Minority Mentoring, Food and Clothing Drives, Caring for the Elderly. There are so many ways that we can all contribute and make an impact in our communities. What are some ways that you have helped out? What are you doing now and what would you like to do? Whenever I help out, I feel do you feel?
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• Romania
29 Dec 06
Well, with all the shame that can come with my honest answer, i didnt do anything lately to help anyone. Why? Coz people are suspicious these days...if u want to help an old lady crossing the street, she will look at you too strange, thinking that u want to steal her money from her purse. If u want to help someone that sits outside in the cold, waiting for a bus that is never come, so u invite that person inside ur car, to give him a ride, that person will think that u might be a psycho men and probably will call the police. Can we help someone these days?? Well, i preffer not. And for other things, like volunteering stuff, i dont have time. I am young, i have a full social life and i have less and less time for other activities. Look at us....why would we stay here , writing for mylot, when we could easily help someone , somewhere?? Coz, i came home, exhausted,nervous, stressed and much more and using my time writing for mylot, makes me feel much more confortable than being outside again, among people that i am tired enough for today.Cruel, but true. I preffer to stay lonely and to have a quite time.
• United States
29 Dec 06
Thanks for your response. And I am sure you are probably not alone with that thought. It is true, it is becoming difficult to help out these days...just like it still is difficult to go shopping without having someone follow you around. But anyways, hopefully one of these days when you do have the time and are not too will find someway to help out. Thanks again!
@Piratesware (2890)
• Indonesia
29 Dec 06