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@wmaharper (2316)
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December 29, 2006 9:48am CST
When one recieves a driver's liscence they have to go through hours and weeks even of training before they are allowed to drive a vehicle. But when a woman has a baby, many times she is sent home from the hospital after they show her how to feed, burp and change a diaper. Shouldn't Hospitals be required to give more extensive training to New parents? Many parents do not understand the basics of parenting, such as clothing, bathing, and meeting the child's basic emotional needs, yet there is no required classes/liscence's for them to have to be trusted with a child. Just because you bear a child doesn't mean you will be a good or even adaquate parent. would you support a bill, that would require first time parents to attend a parenting class that teaches them how to meet the child's basic needs?
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@camara_me (615)
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29 Dec 06
They expect you to know from your own upbring. If you have a problem then most new mothers go to there own mothers for advice. There is parenting class out there that you could take. Theres books out there that you can read. Theres no same exact way that you can bring a child up. Everyone is different. If your not a good parent, then the state takes is away from you. The differents of driver liscence and babys is, There sometimes no one in the car to give you advice on how to drive and you could kill many. babys you can get advice from any family member. Sometimes even if you dont ask. lol
@wmaharper (2316)
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3 Feb 07
Yes, that's true, there are always people giving you advice about raising children, whether you ask for it or not! (: