Teenagers Kidnapped a kid and killed for New Year Money

@milott (2647)
December 29, 2006 10:13am CST
I was very shocked to hear that news in our country where three teenage boys kidnapped around 10 year old boy for money so that they can enjoy this new year's eve and party lot with that money. They demanded a ransom from the parents, but ultimately the killed the kid for some reason. All the three boys have been arrested and sent to detention. This is really a very shocking and horrible news to hear. This shows how our society is getting worse day by day and how even small kids have started things like this earn a few bucks. Who is actually responsible for this current situation?
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• Philippines
29 Mar 07
That was a horrible news and considering its for new year. Maybe we could blame the parents of the teenages (the kidnappers) for upbringing they gave to their kids. And another is the goverment for not providing some support to some indigent families.
@tinam13 (839)
• United States
20 Mar 07
wow, that is the sickest things i have ever heard, who would do that. i have an 8 year old little brother and its sad to think that he's not safe from something like that. it makes me really not be able to trust people, u would think a better thing wouldve came to their mind.
@akunuri (457)
• India
29 Dec 06
thats awful. greed makes people do horrible things. but young kids effected by it is terrible. parents should keep their kids out of money issues.