Gay rights...?

Gay rights - Just to prove a point, a slogan from Gay Pride, credit goes to them!
December 29, 2006 11:27am CST
What are your views on gay people, and their rights? I mean, there seem to be so many people on this site making similar discussions, but I was wondering what you actually felt on the whole subject? I'm not narrowing it down to marriage or anything like that, but I mean, didn't people have the same sort of views on interracial relationships about fifty years ago? And yet the majority of society has accepted it nowadays, so won't our reaction to Gay Rights be the same in fifty years? And who has the right to judge people anyways? Who has the right to decide who falls in love with who?
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@MrNiceGuy (4143)
• United States
12 Jan 07
What "gay rights" are you talking about? You make it seem like gays are hunted down in the street, that they can't vote, own property, or eat in certain restaurants, or go to the same schools, etc, etc. The only "right" the don't have are spousal benefits, which, last I heard, weren't a guarenteed "right".
24 Jan 07
I'm TALKING about the fact that people today are still very prejudiced against gay people, and YES, you're right that they're not BANNED from anywhere, but they ARE made to feel unwelcome in a number of places -- and yes, I know everyone else is made to feel unwelcome too, but that doesn't make it right.
@indianfun (136)
• India
11 Jan 07
i hope that this should be in somewhat considered to be banned or should be banned,otherwise what will happen to the production system all have to go for bilogical production...i mean it should be taken seriously.
24 Jan 07
Don't you think people should have the right to go out with whoever they want? And not everyone can have children, so what about them?
@bramley13 (291)
9 Jan 07
nothing wrong with gay people, i know loads,you never get any trouble with gays,and their allways well dressed and polite
24 Jan 07
Yeah, I guess you're right -- although that is KIND OF a generalisation...LOL
@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
29 Dec 06
I think everyone should have the same rights no matter their gender, race, or sexuality. I mean we are all people, and should be equal. No one has the right to judge anyone else for whatever reason. We're all humans, we just look different and different views on things. That doesn't mean some of us should have less rights then others.
29 Dec 06
Exactly. What does it matter whether you like men or women? Shouldn't it all be the same?