Amerikan Regime tomfoolery cost EU heavy!

@andygogo (1579)
December 29, 2006 11:34am CST
Amerikan Regime tomfoolery cost EU heavy! I was just doing some simple counting of ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION in USA and EU.....this is what i discover (year 2000 figures)... USA EU (western Europe) Nuclear = 86 giga 63 giga Hydro = 31 giga 97 giga Gas = 68 giga 35 giga coal = 224 giga 39 giga geothermal = 10 giga 10 giga total = 418 giga 244 giga per capita 1.67 kw 0.54 kw USA uses 3 x more energy than European Union. How they did it was using the DOGGIE, ISRAEL!!!!! - paying US$5 billion a year to Israel is VERY CHEAP to allow the Amerikan Regime to enjoy 3 x the energy! The real PPP income of Europe is closer to US$30,000 than USA's US$40,000. China is only US$6,000.... This is the BENEFIT OF AMERIKAN TOMFOOLERY. Do you expect them to STOP? I DOUBT IT! I believe JAPAN, KOREA, TAIWAN is in similar BIND as the EUROPEANS, that's why NUCLEAR, HYDROELECTRICITY, and probably GAS is their main avenue to electricity generation. ALBEIT costly and making them dependent on RUSSIAN, AUSTRALIAN, CANADIAN and SOUTH AFRICAN for sources of commercial nuclear fuels! Gosh...this is how the cookie crumble! China is QUITE SAFE because it has the WORLD'S LARGEST COAL DEPOSITs..........and the LARGEST HYDROELECTRICITY POTENTIAL... afterall, a 0.8 kw consumption will make CHINA pretty well off! cheeerios! CHINA WILL BE NO.1
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