The killing of the other 3 UN Observers besides the Chinese UN Observer

@andygogo (1579)
December 29, 2006 11:56am CST
There were 4 UN Observers killed during the shelling and missle attack which eventually killed all four UN Observers. I have read so much sensational stories from the delusional, schizophrenic Mr. Lau. Mr. Lau did not even know anything about the other 3 UN Observers. I lived in N. America and there was a mourning for the Canadian UN Observer. But no debate, no request for apology or compensation. No forum discussion, and no inquest for the death of the other 2 UN Observers. Why, you, Mr. Lau, as a Jew wanted to create so much blood among the Chinese and the Jew. You do not live in CHINA but wrote inflammatory statement and wanted CHina to attack Israel, you are a traitor. In any war, there are going to be collateral damages and accidental death and suicide and unintentional death. The N. American UN Observer was rememembered in this country but no major event to push for any investigation, apology or as Mr. Lau's intention to seek his own glorious attention-seeking behaviour as a schizophrenia senior member in this Forum.
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