Will Jesus, (A Jew) destroy Islam when he comes back?

@andygogo (1579)
December 29, 2006 1:32pm CST
The Koran has no savior returning to save the world, so that leaves Jesus (Jew) who will return to save us all from Islam. So we wait for Jesus to destroy the foundations of Islam and rebuild the third temple of Solomon next to the Dome of the Rock..or will Jesus destroy the Dome of the Rock to make room for his temple? Are Israeli armies fighting hard to make way for the Christ?
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@ronaldinu (12438)
• Malta
2 Jan 07
If you read the gospels, you will understand that Jesus was a man of peace who preached love for God and his brethren. If Jesus had to come back and live in today's world he would probably destroy hate towards each other, Christians vs Christians, Muslims vs Muslims, christians vs muslims and hate towards other religions.
@akosi63 (331)
• Philippines
29 Dec 06
Why destroy? I think it's heaven or hell on the Judgment Day. We'll be judged INDIVIDUALLY and not as a whole congregation or church or religion or whatever you may call it ;) We or no one knows what exactly will happen on that day but for sure Jesus will come back to judge us, we have to prepare for that. Prepare my dear brother! God bless!
@srhelmer (7032)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
29 Dec 06
Correct me if I'm wrong, to be Muslim, you are taught to love Jesus. After all, Muhammed believed he was spreading Jesus' message. Basically, Muslims believe Jesus was Muslim himself. So, how would his return destroy the Islamic religion?