the other side

December 29, 2006 2:02pm CST
Hi, Has anyone had any genuine experiences with a lost relative or loved one. My younger brother died recently in a car crash. I have had a few strange eperiences but nothing concrete. I thought if others have had experiences they could share then I might find I'm missing something or will keep up my hope that he is still around. I apologise if this offends anyone who does not believe in life after death. i'm still not sure I do but would like to know what you think. Thanks
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
29 Dec 06
i have no doubt the spirit of your brother will be breaking through to you, spirit is all around us all the time. For three years my wife and i lived in a house with the spirit of a young girl. Her spirit was seen by my wife and I on many occasion, but only when she had something to say or a message for us. Since we left, spirit comes to me regularly, i have apparently become a channel for this type of activity and i have regular contact of this type
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30 Dec 06
Thanks. I know there are many stories out there, too many to dismiss as nothing.