Way to Earm more from "myLot": Part 2

Earn more money! - Earn more money!
@justreal (2366)
December 29, 2006 3:08pm CST
I have realized that people want to read things that are always useful at anytime of the year, season, occasion, events and more. So what's best to to, is to write discussions about things that people will always need to know and get informed of. Like for example way to make money, how to be fit, how mylot works, tips on how to find jobs, etc. You know what I mean? that one tip. Second tip/way to earn more from mylot, is by choosing "best responses". You do that on the responses that people leave on your discussion. You choose the best response that you like and you click on "make best response" which is on top of the user's response. Third tip/way to earn more from myLot, including tags on your discussions and responses. That will give you more chances to be reached by other users to find your discussions better. When you put tags, try to put in 2-3 words, it's better for searches. I hope that helps!
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