Love is like a virus, Isn't? Read and tell me whether you agree or disagree...

@marlaf (93)
December 29, 2006 6:32pm CST
(while in school library) i noticed i've been crying a lot lately...then i remember the last time i cried this was couple of months wasnt as loud and as horrible like before..but this one is more painful.. my head and my heart are having head wants me to do what is right but my heart fact, it let my heart continue what it's feeling..but my head knows it's wrong so my mind's trying to get my heart back on track but my heart's beggin coz my heart knows she's deeply inlove with this person..she wants this person so head's ordering for an immediate cease of communication but this heart is so full of courage to fight for what it's feeling..see how difficult it is for me?!?..i both own them and yet i have no control over this heart..there's no harmony now between i think love is definitely a virus...a trojan... it enters yourself without you knowing began in my heart ..problem is...the virus[love] still spreads even when i sleep so it scattered so fast...til it affected my mind...that's why while i was on my Accounting 14 class just few minutes ago which i should have been listening to my professor..but since this VIRUS is so persistent with its operated on its my mind started to think about this *someone* that i admit i love so bad...this virus was able to distract me and take away my attention from my prof(i was sitting in front just to mention).... and now, im here in the library where i should have been doin my homework for my next class...and yet..this virus has damaged the every component of my body..and you know what? because of this POWERFUL VIRUS--- my heart, my head and these hands are now collaborating to write this...could someone reformat me now? kindly make sure to delete everything that happened to me few weeks ago..empty it out! oh! yeah..that is why it was called lovebug virus..that is so true...ooops! ouch! this is hurting me again...i guess this heart needs replacement..would you tell me where to buy the new hardware for this? (sigh!) i really dont know what to do..i would want to run to someone and blunt all this pain out...yeah..yeah..i know i have friends to run fact i have a lot... as in A LOT! i know they would not resist if only they knew that im in this kind of situation....but i think i can't yet..i dont think they would understand...i mean, maybe they would..especially dada..shug..but i dont know..i cant yet..[and ralph if you're readin's NOT nothin to worry...i know that's you're only concerned of..but im so thankful for i know you're always there for me]...i just cant or maybe i just mustn't yet...i should handle's just that, sometimes, it gets too painful that all i can just do is cry, weep, sob... *sob* *sob* *sob*
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