I wondered how to get back to a long lost relation..

December 30, 2006 1:00am CST
It was a good platonic relation. There was friendship, care, understanding but it all faded away with time for a reason I dint know. He was not keeing in touch at all and I wondered how to get back and then I thought of the following: I sent this email to him.. === Hi I dont know what to say, but let me tell you a story about two humans - a lady me this Mr Stanger. He then became Mr Friend to Mr Wellwisher. She was happy that a good friend was there...Mr WillSupportInBadTimes. They wouyld converse on phone, emails, meet, share their thoughts though busy schedules used to come up...But, she was passing through a bad phase being a Ms CribAllTimes, Ms FallSickOrFallDown, Ms BadTimesAreHere..He was Mr ICompletelyUnderstand then.. But what happpened was unknown..He turned away, became Mr VeryBusy, Mr DontBotherMe, Mr DontReply & finally Mr AvoidHer & Mr DriftedAway.. She was the same but was also now Ms MisUnderstood and Ms DontKnowWhy.. I am honoured that you took out some time to read and would appreciate your reply on this. Yrs sincerely, S === Unbelievably, he actually got back in touch with her..What do you think had gone wrong? And why? Your replies are much awaited..
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