December 30, 2006 2:22am CST
Numerology refers to any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. Numerology and numerological divination were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics by most scientists. This is similar to the historical development of astronomy out of astrology, and chemistry from alchemy. Today, numerology is often associated with the occult, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. The term can also be used for those who, in the view of some observers, place excess faith in numerical patterns, even if those people don't practice traditional numerology. For example, Underwood Dudley uses the term to discuss practitioners of the Elliott wave principle of stock market analysis. Contents [hide] * 1 History * 2 Reading numbers o 2.1 Number definitions o 2.2 Digit summing * 3 Chinese numerology o 3.1 Chinese number definitions * 4 Other fields o 4.1 Numerology and astrology o 4.2 "Numerology" in science o 4.3 In popular culture o 4.4 Numerology in the Bible * 5 See also * 6 References * 7 External links
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