the serial killer (at noida) deserves it....

December 30, 2006 9:17am CST
It is perhaps one of the most unfortunate instances, to which the residents of Delhi city have woken up on Saturday morning, when the police dug up the case in NOIDA one of the suburbs of Delhi, of a serial killer, who allegedly lured small childern with toffees and sweets and then killed them after sexually assualting them. The killer Surendra would be convicted of offence under S. 302 of the India Penal Code, if ultimately found guilty. S. 302 prescribes a maximum penalty of death sentence. However, through various judgments, the Apex court has limited grant of death sentence only in rareest of rare cases. The offence, if committed by Surendra, which according to me is completely inhuman, deserves no sympathy at all, even if that person now has any feeling of remorse and is repenting over the incident. there is only one punishment for such persons...TO BE HANGED TILL DEATH.
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