Do you think that we will be able to recreate dinosaurs

@ezzrssi (11192)
December 30, 2006 9:56am CST
and other strange organisms in the future to have in a zoo. The recreating process would not be from DNA from dinosaurs (If it ever could be found). The recreating process would instead be from manipulating an egg of an ostrich with hormones so that a more or less dinosaur-like creature take form. The eggs from this pseudo-ostrich is then further manipulated. And so forth generation after generation. The reason we take ostrich is because the ostrich is most closest to dinosaurs in size and birds are the closest relatives to dinosaurs.
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@kritipen (4083)
• United States
29 Jan 07
I dont think we will be able o create the dinosaurs. Only nature can not we he human beings.
@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
16 Jan 07
I don't think that recreating is the right word for it. I think that it is possible that some point in the future, perhaps a century or so, if we, as species, survive until them, develop some kind of "genetic engineering" that allows humans to create new animal species that resemble dinossaurs in form and possible functions.
@justreal (2366)
• Canada
15 Jan 07
If scientists go with the same proceedures of taking DNA's and things like to re-create the dinosaur generation, if that's true or possible. Then they could creat a dinosaur in that case.
@SparkyG (357)
• United States
4 Jan 07
Dinosaurs fascinate me but that would be scary to recreate them. I think it would also be sad because they would have to be caged up, studied, and would probabbly be tested and stuff. They have something called the Mammoth Creation Project in Japan. They found a frozen Wolly Mammoth and want to mix his DNA with that of a female elephant and attempt to create a Wolly Mammoth. They even want to make a Jurassic Park kind of place in the Siberian tundra simillar to where they used to live 10,000 years ago so they can raise and breed more of them.