Dirty Dancing

@janet069 (663)
United States
December 30, 2006 10:17am CST
How many times have you watched Dirty Dancing? I can't count the times, I also own the video. Would anybody like to see a sequel?
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@sizzle3000 (3039)
• United States
21 Feb 07
I love the movie dirty dancing. My daughter also likes the movie. She does watch it more than I do and I was surprised since the music was from the sixties. We own two coppies of the movie because one is mine and one is my daughters. I have seen the so called sequal Havana nights. I was not impressed and neither was my daughter. We will stick to the original.
• United States
31 Jan 07
We recorded this movie when it was on HBO and played the VHS tape until it was worn. My kids loved this movie. Funny how a B movie can get so much notority.
@carlomeno (1086)
• Italy
22 Jan 07
I have seen it only one time. I do not like a lot the musical films and the films were there is dancing
• Romania
22 Jan 07
i`ve seen it for so many times,more than 50 and i can`t get enough of it. it`s my all time favourite!
22 Jan 07
I have watched the film about 20-30 times i love it. Its one of the best films ever.
@emmaoxley (525)
21 Jan 07
I can't begin to count the amount of times I have seen this film, I wore it out when I had it on video. Now I have it on DVD and the two soundtrack CD's. There was a Dirty Dancing 2 made a few years back with different actors in it and I loved this film also. Watched this many times too and it has a great soundtrack. The film is based in Cuba where an American girl falls for a Cuban waiter during the height of the revolution between Batista and Fidel Castro. It also has Patrick Swayze in this film as a dance teacher. Personally I love both films.
@amwoodke (58)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I've seen Dirty Dancing more times than I can count also. I watch it on TV whenever it's on, and I own the DVD. There was a sequel a couple of years ago - Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. It had new cast members and was basically a whole different story though. I never saw it because it looked horrible, and I knew it would never compare to the first one.