For all of you confused about Saddam Hussein's Hanging

@MrNiceGuy (4141)
United States
December 30, 2006 12:01pm CST
The US didn't do it. The Iraqi's were the ones that tried him, convicted him, and killed him. It was all them, nothing political about it from the US. The US didn't say when to do it, they didn't tell them how to do it or anything. The US military even suspended the Iraqi death penalty when they went in in 2003 but the IRAQI government now in place put it back in place themselves. Get it straight. He deserved to die.
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• India
30 Dec 06
You appear to be one of the very rare guys who are not just swayed away by what others feel or do. I appreciate you for your sensible approach towards this topic and hope that others will also learn and may change their senseless veiws.
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@MrNiceGuy (4141)
• United States
30 Dec 06
Thank you, I appreciate it.
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• United States
1 Jan 07
unfortunately closed minded inviduals living in those nations that beilieved in him will only beilieve that the united states was behind it all :-)
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@cliffcliff (1350)
• United States
22 Jan 07
right on
@wmg2006 (5381)
• United States
3 Jan 07
He did deserve it, but we will be blamed. Due to the fact we had the custody of him and we did not allow a reprieve. We handed him over to his peers. We did not buck the system and try him ourselves. We caused it all because we went into their country and captured him. These are the things they will say. They will forget to say they begged someone to come to their rescue and end the tyrants in their country. They will forget we did what they wanted which was try their ex-leader. They will forget
@venshida (4836)
• United States
21 Jan 07
I agree with you on this one, the Iraqi's were the one who were in charge of Saddam hanging not the U.S. He deserve just what he got.