Need more advice! For a Friend please post. Guys or girls

December 30, 2006 3:09pm CST
so my Friend girlfriend just got an intern position as a nurse. When He asked her this morning when she would be back home she said, "Oh, I won't be back home till tomorrow morning, because of training. I'll be training... then after that I'll have to stay at the nursing home for 24 hours, three times a week." So, needless to say he was a bit shocked. Plus she came back home at 12pm lastnight and only said, "Sorry, for being late." he really want to be the "understanding boyfriend," but he can't help feeling a little pissed that she didn't even mention this beforehand. Women: Is this typical behavior or is being a biiiatchhh?!
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30 Dec 06
It's certainly not typical behaviour, to be honest I think she's taking advantage of your friend's attempts at being understanding...He should have a 'chat' with her.
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30 Dec 06
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